HT Supports Its Workforce on Furlough
and Focuses on Readiness to Return to Work

CEO Gives Up Salary; Executive Team and Senior Management Share the Burden

HumanTouch, LLC, has taken strides to protect its workforce that directly supports federal government contracts. In response to the government shutdown, and as a gesture of accord, the HumanTouch executive team, senior management and directors will voluntarily take one day off each week in order to ensure their staff remains paid and their health insurance covered. HumanTouch’s CEO will not draw a salary until the shutdown is over.

“Approximately 10% of our staff are currently furloughed,” said Moe Jafari, CEO of HumanTouch. “We are humans first, and we have a responsibility to our staff to see that they are secure during this furlough.”

Our federal government clients expect readiness and innovation and we are prepared to return to our contracts at a moment’s notice. Our innovative and expert staff deserve support; good people are an investment, and we are committed to their financial security as well as honoring our business obligations. Establishing a furlough plan will allow for rapid recovery of our projects and programs upon returning to work. At HumanTouch, we match our expertise with integrity, acumen and execution.

Press Takes Note

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“Jafari’s move isn’t common for business leaders who work as federal contractors ... It’s quite unusual -- it’s rather patriotic almost -- and it’s certainly a down payment on future grace.”
- Paul Light, a professor at New York University who studies the federal workforce. 

“This CEO won’t collect (a) paycheck until shutdown ends. Contractors and small businesses in particular are getting ‘super-creative’ with how they are moving their workers around to different areas and using leave in order to keep them on payroll.” 
- Ross Wilkers, 
Washington Technology

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The top brass at one local contractor is sacrificing a little so that their furloughed employees can stay afloat. … to ensure that their staff remains paid and their health insurance is covered.”
- Michael Neibauer, Washington Business Journal

Citizens Respond Via Email & Social Media

"I write as a private citizen who used to work at DHS and have many federal employee and contractor friends still there who are impacted by the furlough. I just read about what your CEO and executive team are doing … foregoing their own salaries in full or in part to retain the company’s contractors who are barred from working. What a great example of good leadership. Thank you.” - Michelle B.

“I read the story this morning about your CEO, Mr. Jafari and other executives, donating all or portions of their salary back to help furloughed employees and it warmed my heart. This email is nothing but a thank you to him and the others who are giving so that others may stay working. I certainly hope other organizations step up and follow this lead. Thank you for leading by example.”
-Sherri Hook

“I miss employers that view employees as assets and not liabilities! Kudos sir!” - Chantelle B.

 “Forward thinking, you don’t want to lose valuable employees. Kudos to you.” - Regina Peed

“Proud to know you, Moe. You and your executive team are demonstrating tremendous leadership during this difficult time.” 
- Frank Felker